succulent arrangement

Every arrangement is customizable with different types of succulents and vases.

SUCCULENT ARRANGEMENT A - call for Availability

Six different types of Succulents potted in a handmade ceramic vase (12” Diameter) with black river stones.

Mini Aloe / $23

Mini Size Aloe potted in a gold 3” Cube with black pebbles.

Succulent arrangement d - call for Availability

3 different kinds of succulents potted in a 4” ceramic chrome cube with black pebbles.

Jade - call for Availability

Large size Jade potted in a 4” chrome cube with black pebbles.


Large Sempervivum potted in a 4” silver cube

Succulent Arrangement G -$100

7 Various succulents in gold contour ceramic with white pebbles.

Succulent Arrangement I / $95

5 Echeveria Succulents in a silver rectangle pot with white river rocks

SUCCULENT ARRANGEMENT B- call for Availability

7 variousSucculents and Cactus in a 9” handmade vase of rugged texture with green moss & white river rocks.

Pulido’s ECHEVERIA / $50

Large size Echeveria potted in a silver fair vase with grey stones

Samurai Sword / $20

Sanseveria Samurai Sword potted in a 3” chrome cube with natural pebbles.

Cacti Paradise / $70

5 different cactus/succulents potted in a ceramic fair white vase with black pebbles.

Succulent Arrangement G - call for Availability

9 various succulents potted in a black boat covered with green moss.

Succulent Arrangement H / $65

Three various succulents in 7” Dia white ceramic pot with black pebbles.


Succulent Arrangement I / $70

7 Various Succulents in a 6” white contour pot with black river rocks


4 different types of succulents potted in a cracked clay pot with green moss. Approximately 7”H and 8”w.


Large size of Echeveria Pulvinata potted in a black valve vase with white pebbles.

Succulent Arrangement E / $23

A single succulent potted in a gold 3” cube with black pebbles.


5 different succulents potted in a stone vase with white glossy rocks.

Succulent Arrangement F / $100

15 Various succulents in 12” Dia. handmade ceramic pot with black river rocks & pebbles.

Echeveria Green Prince / $50

Large echeveria in a 6” gold ceramic cube with black pebbles.