get a new arrangement every week/month

We find that some of our clients, like us here at Orchid Man, love to be surrounded by fresh orchids 24/7.

To share the beauty, we provide residential and corporate subscription services.

You will not be charged for a new vase each time the arrangements are refreshed, resulting in a discounted price.

Just leave your old arrangements ready for us to pick up at your lobby/messenger center.

Automated Subscription

Tell us how often you want fresh orchids - every 2, 4, or 6 weeks, and leave the rest to us. Your new arrangements will be made and delivered to you automatically at the interval of your choosing, and you will be billed on the day the arrangements are sent out. You will not be charged in advance for arrangements that are not yet made.

Call-In Subscription

If you like to see your flowers through to their end, this is the subscription for you. Give us a call whenever you decide it is time for new flowers, and we will send you a fresh orchid arrangement and pick up your old one.