The Cymbidium orchids are ever popular, their showy flowers lasting, many weeks. They are best grown in a cool conservatory and placed out of doors in the summer. They are mostly winter and spring flowering although there are also summer and autumn varieties too. Standard varieties grow into large plants with large flowers and bulbs. Miniature or compact types will stay more manageable. A plant should be re-potted in the spring after flowering when it has outgrown its pot, about every 2-3 years.

LIGHT: Keep shaded from bright, direct summer sun as this can scorch the leaves. Give as much light as possible during the dull winter months.

WATERING: Keep the free-draining bark compost moist with more frequent watering in the spring and summer, the main growing season. When watering the plant, remove it from and cover pot or saucer, pour water through the pot and then let it drain before placing it back in a decorative planter. Never let the pot stand in water. Allow the compost to dry out slightly and the pot to become lighter before watering again. Add a little orchid fertilizer to the water once every 2 or 3 waterings (approx. every 10-14 days) from March to September.

TEMPERATURE: Cymbidiums need a minimum of 45 degree F in inter to give them a sufficient change in conditions from the warmer summer, when maximum of 85 degree F is adequate.